Annual Coaching Package

  • Unlimited one-on-one coaching with Kalani Thomas

    • This is done through your proactive outreach. My calendar is published and available for you to schedule as many meetings as you want.​

  • Access to exclusive content

    • There is content made for the public and stuff made just for members. I will do my best to keep this information coming. This is written, video, and webinar content. Typically shared a few times a month. ​

  • Access to personal content for just you, (google drive shared)

    • All of my members get a full google drive account loaded with every document and conversation we have. This is your library or ROI. (return on investment)​

  • Free tickets to every event I speak at

    • I do 6 events a year, and you are welcome to them all for free. They are in the local Charlotte market, and each one will be announced ahead of time. You and your guest can RSVP before it is open to the public. ​

  • Free use of my resources market

    • I have resources I have built up over the years, process maps, marketing plans, sales processes, etc. You can have all of these things on demand as they pertain to your business and our work together. ​

  • The tools and skills you need to start changing your business

    • No coach that is going to high five you and send you away with homework. We split the work up and do it together, so you know it is correct the first time. ​

$599/per year

per person coaching or per company coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do all this for only $599 a year?

No matter how awesome the service is, people have a tendency to not use it as often as they think they will. Making changes to a business is not an overnight process, it takes time. Doing it correctly means going slow, which allows me to have conversations at a pace that works for us both. 

What can you actually help me with?

There is a short series of topics I speak with my clients about the most at the bottom of the "HIRE ME" page. However, the service is about you. If you want help in something we can't do, we will tell you. Most of our clients range in industry and need, we've probably done it and a few times by now. 

What will we talk about in our one-on-ones?

I go over a few questions that usually last just 20 minutes. From that we get some good action steps to handle before we meet again. Staying consistent on these will help us work faster and smarter.

Why do I need a coach when I can get this stuff online?

The reason you need an implementation coach is because you can save lots of time and hassle. When you are ready to start a project or to do something that will grow your business, you need experience and perspective.  My process brings both to the table. Set a free consultation if you aren't sure.

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