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Before you review my pricing and services, you need to know my mission statement:

This was born out of the observation that coaches usually charge a lot more for services than is necessary

"I would rather charge you less and do too much, risking my company; than charge you too much, and not not do enough, which risks yours."



Annual Coaching Package

  • Unlimited one-on-one coaching with Kalani Thomas

  • Access to exclusive content

  • Access to personal content for just you, (google drive shared)

  • Free tickets to every event I speak at

  • Free use of my resources market

  • The tools and skills you need to start changing your business

$599/per year

per person coaching or per company coaching

Half Day Coaching Package

  • I will be live at your location for 4 hours on two (2) separate days

  • Focused session to tackle some of your most pressing needs

  • Exclusive attention on your business only

  • Leave behind materials from the days session(s)

  • My most effective use of our time together

$749/per 2 days

Minimum of 2 days (must be in 200 mile radius of Charlotte NC)

Online Sales Training Program

  • This training program is an online college environment for anyone that may want to know more about how to sell, what sales is, and how different techniques can be applied.

    • ​Learn Sales

    • Get Scripts

    • Video Trainings

    • Over 20 Hours of Content

    • Updated Weekly with New Content

$250.00/per person

This is for a lifetime license to the training, as long as it exists you can access it for no additional fee




"I've been telling all of my entrepreneurial friends about Kalani. Within one month he tripled my revenue. He helped me put systems in to keep my sales activities on track. He's a true professional and fun to work with. Kalani rocks!"

Crista / Relationship Coach / Business Owner

"Working with the help desk sales has updated my whole sales process and bring some organization to my success."

Erik / Oasys Sports / Business Owner

"The answer for every question I don't know how to solve is to simply call Kalani."

Teresa / heyRED / Business Owner & Speaker Agent

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Meeting Setting


Proposal Delivery


Customer Service Skills

Sales Experience

Sales Process

Sales Management

Hiring Sales People


Retail Sales

Outside Sales

Inside Sales

Simple Sales

Complex Sales

Startup Sales

Selling Your Business/Idea

Training Workshops

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