Membership Add-Ons

Additional Tool


When we setup your account we will typically only use tools which are already established and ready to integrate. Should you need help vetting and building out a new tool to your business, that is an additional fee of $250 per tool. 

Please let us know what you need by scheduling a meeting with this LINK

Mapping Document


With things coming in going in every direction, and with multiple users, it might be helpful in your environment to have a document that details every part of the CRM journey. 

Where are the automations?

What are the possible pathways?

Get a customized to your brand infographic of your CRM journey.

Video Buildout & Recording


Sometimes people want to see how the sausage is made. While every training session is recorded, you can have the entire audit, buildout, testing, qa'ing and every other part of the process recorded for your records.


These recordings are enhanced with captions and occasionally voiceover to make sense of the session. 

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