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  • Kalani Thomas

How do I start handing off a sales process to other people in my business?

“How do I start handing off a sales process to other people in my business so I’m not dependent on doing it myself?”

In every business I have worked with, the founder is the person that is doing the sales and some servicing for most of the business on an annual basis. When I get this question, I always pause for a minute and urge them to pass it off.

If you are the person selling your services, and your sales slump, the best you can do is educate yourself, and after you’re done brushing your teeth, tell yourself to “do better” tomorrow.

Your salesperson is the most important person in the revenue acquisition process.


Because if you can figure this person’s role out, and make them successful, you can bring on more business and create a full-scale organization.

So to answer the first part of this question; Yes, pass your sales off to someone else you can hold accountable for performance. To answer the second part, how do you do it, is a little more complicated. The complication lies not in handing off the process, but in trusting the process will be “done the way I do it”. Therefore, passing off a sales process and building out a sales team, means doing so in a manner in which you can build the necessary trust in your team.

Now, onto the actual process I use with business owners. I call it “Me - Us - You”.

This process takes about 90 days, but if you are building out a sales team for the first time, this shouldn’t be an on and off switch. So many small businesses fail at this stage because they provide a salesperson with a 3 step sales training:

  1. Here are your leads

  2. Here is your phone

  3. Good luck!

If you are going to do this in a way you can measure and control, you need to be present in the sales role for the full cycle of this training. Let’s move on to brass tacks...


The first 30 days of the 90 day program. In this first 30 days, you should spend your time as the primary salesperson, allowing the trainee to sit in observance of your role. They should be taking notes, and you should be training at the beginning and end of each sales task. This is where they will learn the most, and you can start to better understand how they evaluate things through discussion throughout this phase.


Days 31-60 of the 90 day program. In this phase of the training, you will be doing the sales activities in tandem with your trainee. The parts of your process that never change, (how you label it in the system, the opening of your sales calls, the contract creation, etc.), all go to the trainee to do in tandem with your tasks. This is the real trust building part, because you get to see how they work on a task you would normally do. If done well, you start to build some good synergy between you and the trainee.


The last 30 days of the program. This is a reverse of the first 30 days. In the first 30, you are doing the job while they are taking notes and learning. Now you are the notes taker and observer. At the end of each sales activity you should do what you can to let them continue working, but you should step in to adjust things which still need tweaking.

If you do this process correctly you have 30 days of having the trainee watch you, 30 days of working side by side on the same tasks, and 30 days of confirming they can be as successful at it as you have shown them they can be.