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  • Kalani Thomas

Wrapping Up Your Sales Calls

No matter who you talk to on a sales call...having clear next steps on what is going to happen when the call is over will help you close more deals in a streamlined pipeline.

After working with thousands of salespeople, I have found this to be the best way to communicate an effective call wrap, so you can give yourself the best chance of a close. This all works with the acronym, F.I.N.N.

F.I.N.N. - -


This is the method you plan to use to follow-up, primarily email in most environments. Please include the following:

  1. Follow-up Platform (email, call, text, calendar invite, etc.)

  2. When you will follow-up (10 minutes or announced time)

  3. What will the purpose of the follow-up be? (why is this necessary)


This is the way you would like the prospect to interact with your follow-up communications. Please include clear steps:

  1. The above talking points and

  2. A call to action (something they need to do when they get the communications)


This is the “polite” request you are making to continue conversations and confirm the understanding of any “homework” assigned on the call. These things are necessary for the pitch to continue and for you to have the best chance of a close. Typically these things are the following:

  1. Contract terms discovery (what is the current contract they have in place?)

  2. Pricing limitations (how you plan to meet together on a budget)

  3. Features discovery (what system limitations or capabilities they have that will allow you to sell to them)


This is the “solve for” strategy request. If the person you are talking to decides to opt out of conversations, this step ensures you are ready to continue on without their presence in the decision making process. These things can be:

  1. Request of clarity of details (exact specifications of your products ability to fit in an environment)

  2. Processes behind decision making triggers (when and why do they buy things like what you sell?)

  3. Request to connect with other parties that will be involved in making the decision (ensuring if someone falls off, you can continue the process)


Okay Sally, when I hang up with you, you will receive an email from me. You should see that in the next  (10 Minutes) . When you see that email, please respond to me that you received it so I know it has not been trapped in any SPAM or junk folders. Once I receive that response from you, I will begin to do my homework on this side and get you all the information we talked about today as well as a quote. What I need from you is simple: track down your current contract so we are confirmed for the date that your current agreement ends. If you can, Cc (decision-maker’s name) on the email so he is in the loop as well. I would appreciate that. Thank you for your time and be on the lookout for my email. Talk with you soon.

This will no doubt be as useful to you as it has been to many of my best sales students.

Try it out and leave me a comment or like if it works for you.